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Free Shipping on Poetic Licence in Australia
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Raising the profile of self-published authorship

Kevin Price WordsOut

We are raising the profile of self-published authorship in Western Australia.

So we invite self-published authors to participate in WordsOut Indie Author Showcase, Darlington Arts Festival 5-6 November, 2022.

Showcase your work to a substantial and diverse audience over the two day festival, and promote a better understanding of our publishing culture around self-published works to readers.

Authors choose to self-publish for a variety of reasons. And it’s not only because a mainstream publisher has rejected their work. Self-publishing authors have to polish their manuscript, pay for editorial, pay for design and production, and then figure out how to find readers. However, many in bookselling and promotion deride self-publishing, often because they don’t know how good self-published works can be. Mainstream publishers aren’t always a guarantee of the best. As this year’s Miles Franklin Awards proved.

Encourage book readers to consider buying self-published works that are of good quality to help raise the profile of self published authorship

Raising the profile of self-published authorship involves inviting authors of high quality self-published books to participate in this showcase event. The Showcase can only include books that are self- or independently published. That is, books that are published and distributed by the author and not contracted to a mainstream publisher for publication and distribution.

Naturally, for the most professional outcomes, third parties often perform editorial, design and distribution activities. This is expected. But, of course, self-published authors foot the bill and take the risk.

Participating authors will read, sign or give an author talk at the event, encouraging visitors to value the self-published authorship. It may also help influence booksellers and promoters.

Join us if this sounds like something that might work for you. Head off to the WordsOut link, read through the details, download the terms and conditions and the registration form and email it in.

If you have any questions that are not answered there, please feel free to contact us.

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