Ordinary Euphoria

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Ordinary Euphoria

ISBN 9780994211545

A collection of poetry by Dr David Moody including artworks by Judith Price, was produced in 2017 for Crotchet Quaver.

The book is aimed for lovers of poetry and art to celebrate experiences we all have at at unexpected times. To add to the artistic and poetic dimensions, the type is set in an easy serif-faced font using its space on the page to generate a dynamic relationship between the text and the page. Additional features are employed in the title typeface to elaborate on the connection bewteen art, design and poetry.

It is printed in colour throughout on a 70gsm white book stock.

Size: 203mm x 127mm

Number of pages: 138

Finishing: Case Bound (hardback), Matte Laminate.

All design carried out in the Logorythm studio. Artworks are a mix of media including digital, oils and acrylics on canvas and other substrates.

Printing is by Lightning Source and worldwide distribution by Ingram.