Kumakana: A Gronups tale

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Kumakana: A Gronups tale

This book was produced in multiple editions: Hardback (ISBN: 9780994211521) Paperback (ISBN: 9780995408647) Kindle (ISBN: 9780994211538) and ePub (ISBN: 9780995408630)


A particular feature of the hardback version was the placement of the title on the spine only, giving the impression of the mystery beginning with the cover. The cover image is an illustration of a split tree trunk which is a mystical feature of the work.

The interior of the book in both the hardback and paperback versions is printed on creme book stock.

All versions feature illustrations of characters throughout the text, a map of the story world, and specially designed glyphs in the shapes of animals that feature in the work at the beginning of each chapter.

Size: 216mm x 140mm

Number of pages: 390

Finishing: Case Bound (hardback), Matte Laminate, Perfect Bound (paperback), Matte laminate.

All design carried out in the Logorythm studio and illustrations by Judith Price.

Published by Crotchet Quaver, March 2017.

Printing is by Lightning Source and worldwide distribution by Ingram. Electronic book production by ebooks2go, distributed by Ingram and online sources.