It’s Quite True

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It’s Quite True

ISBN: 9780994211590

A retelling of a Hans Christian Andersen classic by Lis Mathiasen and illustrated by Judith Price.

This book is aimed for young readers age 6-9, and features bright illustrations of chickens in an Australian bush setting. To aid readability for young readers, the type is set in an easy serif-faced font using its space on the page to generate a dynamic relationship between the text and the images.

It is printed in premium colour throughout on a white matte book stock.

Size: 254 x 203 mm

Number of pages: 42

Finishing: Perfect Bound on White with a Matte Laminated cover.

All design and illustrations were carried out and produced digitally by Judith in the Logorythm studio.

Printing is by Lightning Source and worldwide distribution by Ingram.